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Why I Wake Up At 5am to Workout In the Morning

For this to work, you need to make your morning workout a real struggle. I’ve included a few of my favorite resources to guide you at the end of this post.

Now I’m not just talking about running on a treadmill for twenty minutes and watching the gym T.V.

Making this simple change can have rippling positive effects on your business, leadership, and health. The grueling struggle that you face in the morning against iron weights triggers your killer instinct.

With this you are ready everyday to go out and dominate.

Put simply, when you face an obstacle in the morning, you overcome the rest of the day with much ease.

Start by dominating others in these five areas:

1. Health

According to USA Today, a “whopping 57% of the nation’s children and teens will be obese by age 35 if current trends continue”. 

My targeted demographic reader is the millennial in their early to mid twenties and thirties.

The truth is, working out today doesn’t have a significant impact on your health in the present.

Like investing, and wealth creation, it is a long term venture.

The immediate benefits that you will see by working out daily are increased energy, stamina, and muscle mass. But your overall health won’t too different than others if you are young (18-28).

It’s when you hit your thirties and fourties when the health problems kick in.

And by that time, it’s too late.

So what you can do TODAY is to start working out in the morning and eating well. The whole point is to avoid future diseases.

Being healthy and retired is the greatest thing. All the wealth you built during your career and the investments you made can actually be enjoyed.

You didn’t put all this money in your investments just to throw it away on medical expenses did you?

Working out and maintaining your health means that when you get older, you can travel, leisure at will, and enjoy a long and fulfilled life.

Why work for years neglecting your health just so you can spend your retirement years in a depressing assisted living facility hospital where no one cares about you?

When you neglect your health, you steal life from your future self.

2. Discipline

Discipline is a big theme of Finance and Purpose, and a post like this wouldn’t be complete without discipline.

When you make the true lifestyle change and include working out as a part of your daily lifestyle and not something you just do “from time to time”, any new habit, venture, business becomes much easier to build.

Like starting any venture, the simple act of working out has its hurdles, and obstacles.

It takes time to get used to working out daily, following a schedule, and getting through rainy days.

When you overcome these obstacles by creating this new habit, any other obstacle in a future project will seem like visited territory.

Here’s an example:

If you’re a writer and struggle to meet your editorial calendar, your thoughts will be:  “I’ve been there! Sticking to schedule, it’s just like when I started working out!” instead of “Ughh not this again…”.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

3. Motivation

Especially in the beginning, working out and lifting weights is extremely rewarding. The beginning stages, often called beginner gains, is the stage where you will see the biggest improvement in aesthetics, muscle mass, and fitness.

This positive feedback loop between your effort and reward will make you want to workout in the morning.

Instead of just raw willpower and discipline, your brain will crave it and your progress in the gym will truly put a smile on your face.

Nothing can give you more motivation to tackle the rest of the day than a gym pump at the end of each session and a breath of fresh air as you step out of the gym.

Not only will you build the willpower and discipline, you’ll build enjoyment. In addition to forcing yourself to do things you need to do, you’ll enjoy and want to do them.

Most people dread each day they have to go to work. When you workout in the morning you look forward to the gym. You step into the office with pumped up muscles and energy, appearing dominant and more attractive over other coworkers.

4. Productivity Early in the Day And the Mindset.

After finishing your morning workout, your mind is in a state of relaxation and stable focus. This is the perfect gateway to productivity.

The morning workout defeats any grogginess from a night’s sleep, and oxygenates your blood and brain.

You are productive early in the morning, which maximizes productivity for tasks for the rest of your day.

Put simply, the mindset you get by committing yourself to early productivity will force you to focus on producing every day instead of consuming late at night.

Most of us tend to do wasteful things like watch TV or browse online at night anyway. If you do this, at least reserve the morning for a workout or other productive work.

With this mindset you become a “do it now” type A (Alpha) personality instead of “do it later” type B (Beta). This earns you respect from your managers, partners, and others.

The go-getters are the only ones who succeed in shipping products on time, increasing revenues, and meeting goals and demands — creating value.

And that is attractive.

5. Be Set Apart

This is more of an intrinsic trait which everyone values differently. Personally, I believe that when I set myself apart from the crowd and truly differentiate my personality and lifestyle, it becomes easier to realize my identity and purpose.

Because nobody ever got successful by doing what everyone else is doing. Successful businessmen and investors got to where they are today by “buying low and selling high” : going against the crowd or doing something that no one has thought of before.

They see opportunities where others don’t. They buy Amazon stock when it was 30 dollars a share, and sell in the thousands.

In other words, they do and think different.

Sure, there are many other people who workout early morning, just as there are many people who owned Amazon shares when it was 30 bucks a pop.

Having grueling workouts 5am in the morning is probably something some other people do. But the fact is — most people don’t.

And it won’t be just working out that will set you apart — it’s all about the mindset.


You see, it’s much bigger than that. It’s about having a killer instinct, being productive, and dominating over your peers.

 Business is peaceful war.

The earlier you rise up in the morning before everyone else is the way you out maneuver your competition.

A workout in the morning won’t necessarily set you apart or give you immediate success. It’s the mindset, the mentality, and the inner drive within you that arises from this simple daily habit that does.

Comment your thoughts below. I am a fan of Starting Strength and recommend it. What workout do you do?

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