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1999-00 Changed My Life. 2008-9 Changed My Life Again.

In 1999 I had a great job as a computer programmer as the internet was maturing. The bubble popped.

I had to pivot. Eventually I made my way into the business world by becoming an assistant to a large account manager and worked my way up the ladder.

I had a good job, kids, and family.

I lost everything in the market crash of 2008-9. Lost my job overnight and struggled to make ends meet and my family broke apart. I don’t like giving out too many details but my story is commonplace in the time period following the great recession.

Since then I have rebounded in my career and now work as a financial analyst and manager for multi-million dollar clients (Individuals and Companies). Life has taught me the hard lessons twice (1999, 2009). Due to this, I have never felt more free and vigorous than before (financially, and personally).

Having suffered from two economic calamities and experienced the tremendous change in society from the early nineties to today, I started this website to share my experiences others. I try to take a fatherly approach to my readers, giving harsh truths and at the same time, inspirational lessons.

This website is mainly about finance and purpose. I also wish to teach young men & women by writing about my travel experiences and my approach to lifestyle.

By reading my lessons, I hope to instill the values which will guide those who need direction in Creating, Investing, and Protecting Wealth and Value, Entrepreneurship, and Life Purpose / Lifestyle.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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