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Posts tagged as “self improvement”

Outwitting The Devil , Avoiding Failure , and Achieving Success

A great work of writing, Outwitting The Devil will sow the seeds of faith and success into your mind. Overcome a world filled with adversity to attain the success which you rightfully merit. ´╗┐Outwitting the Devil is Hill's hidden masterpiece. The famous writer of Think and Grow Rich secretly held the manuscript to this book for many years. It was originally written in 1938 but was said to be too controversial to be published during that time.

Manage Time Like You Budget Your Money

It’s Not all About Your Net Worth According to the World Happiness Report, moving to a richer country won’t make you happier. Look at the big man Warren Buffett worth 87.8 billion, he agrees that owning more isn’t the key to happiness. He admitted to enjoying days where he had a small fraction of his current net worth. The first lesson of money, finances, and purpose is to realize this…

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