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Posts tagged as “recession”

Duck & Cover: Surviving the Inevitable Recession

Nobody knows when the next recession will come. It can be tomorrow, or 5 years from now. But you must be prepared, don’t get caught off guard. In my last post, I talked about taking advantage of downturns for profit. This post will be more practical advice for the casual reader. I will give you a few principles to follow. Follow the principles, not rules or steps.  An economic recession…

Loot a Burning House for Success

In war, and in love, such is the nature of human affairs. This is especially true in the markets. If you want success, you need to take advantage. When a country is beset by internal conflicts, when disease and famine ravage the population, when corruption and crime are rampant, then it will be unable to deal with an outside threat. This is the time to attack. Keep gathering internal information…

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