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Day Trading vs Investing for the Future

This is one of my shorter posts, as previous articles have been written as very long and informative pieces. Every once in a while at Finance and Purpose, I’ll post tidbits of advice to address commonly asked questions. A lot of people have been asking me what the difference between day trading is versus investing. Among those who buy and sell stocks there is an ongoing debate about whether the…

Outwitting The Devil , Avoiding Failure , and Achieving Success

A great work of writing, Outwitting The Devil will sow the seeds of faith and success into your mind. Overcome a world filled with adversity to attain the success which you rightfully merit. ´╗┐Outwitting the Devil is Hill's hidden masterpiece. The famous writer of Think and Grow Rich secretly held the manuscript to this book for many years. It was originally written in 1938 but was said to be too controversial to be published during that time.

How To Make A Difference When You’re 1 in 7 Billion

From all of the startups in Silicon Valley to the average High School kid in the Midwest, we all "want" to make a difference. Learn how. It seems impossible that a single person can make a difference in the world. And it's true, no one single person can. What does it mean to "make a difference in the world" anyway? From all of the startups in Silicon Valley to the average High School kid in the Midwest, we all "want" to make a difference.

Leap of Faith: Land Diving with the Vanuatu

We’ve all heard the time aged advice. Throw a child in the water, and it will learn to swim. Our lives are filled with experiences and personal transformations. From birth to to adulthood, the milestones in our lives define who we are. Leaps of faith taken over time result in the accomplishments of today. However, western society severely lacks the rites of passage compared to yesterday’s generation. Western civilization merges various…

Overcoming Our Giants and Ego

The Giants of Life Are Too Big For You When we confront the problems of our lives, our giants, we often worry that our potential is not enough. Ego gets in the way. We worry that we do not possess the resources required for a winning chance much less succeed. You already possess all that is needed to overcome the giant obstacles of life. Whether you were born poor, rich,…

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