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Posts tagged as “money”

The Simple Guide on Investing Pt 2

Continuing on my previous post: The Simple Guide on Investing Pt 1 , today I’ll talk about Value Investing.   It is one of the most valuable investment strategies for the actively engaged investor. Simply put, Value Investing doctrine is based on the concept that companies carry intrinsic value.   You might not be an active investor, and looking to gain a smaller return from a passive strategy — and…

Lies About Making Money : Don’t Listen to the TV

Saving Money Will Make You Rich In my previous post, I talked about Budgeting Time with as much rigor as you would watch your Money. This post will be about Making and Saving Money. Budgeting will allow you to live an organized and well managed lifestyle, but it will not make you rich. There is so much BULLSHIT on T.V. , written in books, and recorded in Youtube videos, telling…

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