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Posts tagged as “investing”

The Simple Guide on Investing Pt 1

So you’re just out of college, into your first job, and now want to “invest” or “get into the stock market”. I’ve been there too. I started out clueless like you, and eventually learned the ropes. Remember, the theme of my posts are all about principles. This post will give you the basics, but always invest or trade based on your principles. Cover the Basics Before throwing away income into…

Lies About Making Money : Don’t Listen to the TV

Saving Money Will Make You Rich In my previous post, I talked about Budgeting Time with as much rigor as you would watch your Money. This post will be about Making and Saving Money. Budgeting will allow you to live an organized and well managed lifestyle, but it will not make you rich. There is so much BULLSHIT on T.V. , written in books, and recorded in Youtube videos, telling…

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