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Day Trading vs Investing for the Future

This is one of my shorter posts, as previous articles have been written as very long and informative pieces. Every once in a while at Finance and Purpose, I’ll post tidbits of advice to address commonly asked questions. A lot of people have been asking me what the difference between day trading is versus investing. Among those who buy and sell stocks there is an ongoing debate about whether the…

3 Ways to Open Foreign Digital Nomad Bank Accounts

Digital Banks are the future. Today’s online banking services dominated big and outdated banks suck. Big banks’ mobile apps are like dinosaurs, and their fees and services quickly add up. Big banks also don’t give you any benefit for foreign diversification and travel unless you obtain a credit card. Good luck reading the fine print. As we look towards the next decade, the Financial Tech industry has made great strides…

Outwitting The Devil , Avoiding Failure , and Achieving Success

A great work of writing, Outwitting The Devil will sow the seeds of faith and success into your mind. Overcome a world filled with adversity to attain the success which you rightfully merit. ´╗┐Outwitting the Devil is Hill's hidden masterpiece. The famous writer of Think and Grow Rich secretly held the manuscript to this book for many years. It was originally written in 1938 but was said to be too controversial to be published during that time.

The Abundance Mindset : Become Wealthy

The Way To “Become Wealthy” and Wealth Attraction. Becoming Wealthy doesn’t happen without thinking about it first. Value and wealth doesn’t come without the proper mindset. Wealth doesn’t materialize without having the proper intentions and actions. Many people wish to become rich and successful, but how many of them spend their waking hours consistently thinking about how to get there? Some may get lucky into financial abundance, but rarely does…

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