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Posts tagged as “decision”

Softbank: Japan’s Awakening Titan of 2020

A new investor should checkout Part 1, 2, and 3, of the Finance and Purpose Simple Guide to investing. Masayoshi Son, the CEO of Softbank, is a lesser known veteran of the dot-com bubble and information technology revolution. In the past 5 years, he has been quietly making deep impacts on today’s tech economy. With the vision of a Steve Jobs, the Wealth of a Warren Buffett, and the boldness…

Leap of Faith: Land Diving with the Vanuatu

We’ve all heard the time aged advice. Throw a child in the water, and it will learn to swim. Our lives are filled with experiences and personal transformations. From birth to to adulthood, the milestones in our lives define who we are. Leaps of faith taken over time result in the accomplishments of today. However, western society severely lacks the rites of passage compared to yesterday’s generation. Western civilization merges various…

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