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Overcoming Our Giants and Ego

The Giants of Life Are Too Big For You

When we confront the problems of our lives, our giants, we often worry that our potential is not enough. Ego gets in the way. We worry that we do not possess the resources required for a winning chance much less succeed.

You already possess all that is needed to overcome the giant obstacles of life.

Whether you were born poor, rich, middle class, in a good or bad neighborhood, your personal traits and your environmental circumstances are all in balance. For example, someone who has had to deal with harsh environments will harbor personal resilience. Someone who was born in a comfortable environment, will harbor personal potential. Some are street smart, others are book smart. Life is like Yin and Yang.

You will always be lacking in areas of weakness and strong in areas of expertise. Focus on your strengths and you will succeed.

You Cannot Do It Alone

With every obstacle that you overcome, there will be a bigger, badder, and crueler one ahead. One simply cannot overcome life’s obstacles alone, and one day things will be too burdensome to bear. Let go of your ego. Your ego is your biggest enemy. It is always there telling lies about your successes and failures. Ego masks the truth while exposing the lie.

Allow those who are willing to help you, help, and lend a hand to those whom are in need of help. Whether you are a Machiavellian Sociopath, or Open, Caring and Trusting, both sides of the spectrum rely on leveraging others for your success.

Whether through subversive gain of peoples’ support, or genuine sympathy, the Giants of life will always destroy, if left to be fought alone.

So instead, leverage peoples’ support, close friends, family, and others. Because one day, the dominoes will fall too fast for you to be able to pick them up.

Overcoming Our Egos

From birth to childhood, society teaches us that we are at the center of the universe. Most of us realize this foolishness, but our innermost desires and animalistic habits never let go of this.

Even without thinking, your brain is always looking out for Number One.

Of course, I advocate taking care of yourself so you can take care of others. However, you are always of service to somebody.

  •     The Millionaire CEO is of service to the Shareholders.
  •     The Employee is of service to the Employer.
  •     Your Middle Manager is of service to Upper Management.
  •     The Entrepreneur is of service to the Customer.

Keeping this simple fact in mind in all the things that you do. Living a life of humble leadership is the only way to face and overcome failures, obtain success.

Humble Leadership garners followers and creates inspiring leaders.

The only way to build a business, form a team, create a family, and succeed, is to Get People To Follow You. The only thing in your way is your EGO.

  •     EGO hides failures and kills opportunities to improve.
  •     EGO shows in your conversations and turns people away.
  •     EGO prevents you from recognizing potential followers.
  •     EGO shuns people who can help.

THE LESSON: Realize that the Giants in our life are Too Big For Us.

So, become a humble leader. Allow those willing to help — help, and through this you will gain followers and overcome life’s Giants.

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