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Find Discipline To Liberate Your Life’s Purpose

We are born too late to explore the world, and too early to explore the galaxy.

This is the age of decadence. We are in the age of entertainment, convenience, and comfort.

Your lack of discipline is the shackle which holds down your life’s purpose. Find discipline to free yourself and find purpose in this age of false prosperity.

The world’s knowledge is a click away. Food and drink can be delivered at a moments notice. Our Maslow’s hierarchy of needs are easily fulfilled on a daily basis.

People are becoming softer and less resilient with this unstoppable fulfillment. Our needs are met, and in a perfect world, humanity should be at its happiest moment.

However, statistics don’t lie. Over 44 million American adults have a mental health condition. In addition, The rate of youth with Major Depressive Episode (MDE) is at 12.63% and rising.

It seems counter intuitive that Major Depressive Disorders are on the rise, when we are living in the most abundant, convenient, and entertaining era of humanity.

Looking for a Quick Fix

The rapid pace of technology is surpassing our ability to cope. From digital goods to the physical world, our new inventions are designed to hack our animalistic brain.

Digital goods are designed to “hack” our internal reward systems by implementing features and techniques which casinos use for gambling.It keeps users addicted.

Our physical world is optimized for advertising to increase sales and human consumption — regardless of the customer’s best interest.

The music, movies, and T.V shows consumed by us today only portray  immediate success , fame, wealth, and status. Each song and movie depicts a life filled with constant adventure and thrill seeking, while ignoring the hard work, discipline, and monotony that encompasses such successes.

Each time you listen to a song or watch a movie, your brain is being rewired for addiction. The majority of modern media is no longer created by passionate artists’ expressions, but by algorithms, and development teams. These development teams research and implement ways to exploit your animal brain for addiction.

According to BBC:

The best-selling song of 2016, Drake’s One Dance, needed eight writers – but even that pales into insignificance compared to Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk, which took 13 people to create..

And these are just the writers. Never mind the effort in production and synthesis.

The celebrities you see everyday are just icons. They themselves don’t take part in the majority of the production efforts..

How does this all fit together? These subconscious manipulations combined with the lack of struggle in the modern day contribute to the depression statistic.

In addition, the short term thinking and hedonistic culture of our western society is a prime catalyst.

It’s no wonder why we grow up with delusions of grandeur only to be shattered by reality — sculpting the types of mental health statistics that we see today.

The Solution

Find discipline. It isn’t easy, and it is different for everybody.

I am not going to write an article here with “3 quick easy steps” you can take with a call to action and be done. This isn’t productive and won’t make a difference in your life. Developing discipline takes time and steady action.

If you are just a casual reader who skims articles with less than 3 second attention span, this article isn’t for you anyway.

Instead I will give you the textbook definition of discipline:


[dis-uh-plin] noun

1. training to act in accordance with rules; drill
2. to bring to a state of order and obedience by training and control

Memorize this, and practice it in your daily life.

Start small. In my previous post, I recommended working out in the morning. There will be times that you will fail. You will skip training days, or succumb to laziness.

Keep in mind that time while a great healer, is also a great teacher. Ignore the days where you are lazy, or fail to perform, and keep looking forward. Keep training to act in accordance with the rules that you set for yourself.

Discipline creates order. Without order, your lifestyle will crumble in front of you as you get fat, poor, and lazy. 

With order, you are able to execute tasks on time and with accuracy. No company, individual, or group has ever become successful by missing deadlines and producing the wrong results.

With order, you gain respect from your peers. When you maintain and associate yourself with an orderly life, you attract opportunities.

Whatever your life’s purpose is, whether it’s family, business, volunteering or other venture, none of that is possible if you don’t create order in your life.


If you are looking for a quick fix, a you do not merit a fulfilling life. Practice daily discipline and order. Your life’s purpose cannot be achieved without this foundational skill. Discipline is the bedrock of success.

Executing, performing, and succeeding in investing, finances, business, or other venture, requires discipline.

Find discipline to create order in your life. Through exercise, cleanliness, and emotional thought (like stoicism), you will be liberated from the modern shackles of the never ending addicting consumption of today’s society. 

Comment below. What are your thoughts? How have you lacked in discipline and what have you done about it?

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