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The Abundance Mindset : Become Wealthy

The Way To “Become Wealthy” and Wealth Attraction.

Becoming Wealthy doesn’t happen without thinking about it first. Value and wealth doesn’t come without the proper mindset.

Wealth doesn’t materialize without having the proper intentions and actions. Many people wish to become rich and successful, but how many of them spend their waking hours consistently thinking about how to get there?

Some may get lucky into financial abundance, but rarely does it ever materialize. Most have a scarcity mindset and do not truly believe in their success.

While some discredit Napoleon Hill, it is undeniable that his writings have inspired many into success. His message is clear and simple: Think and live for success, and you will obtain it.

If you truly desire money so keenly that your desire is an obsession, you will have no difficulty in convincing yourself that you will acquire it. The object is to want money, and to be so determined to have it that you convince yourself that you will have it… You may as well know, right here, that you can never have riches in great quantities unless you work yourself into a white heat of desire for money, and actually believe you will possess it

Think And Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

While his quote talks about Money specifically, I’d like to focus on Abundance, Wealth and richness (can be Money, or other things you value like Friends, Family, etc), and Freedom.

This past week’s famous story has been about the Mega Millions Lottery:  Jackpot grows to record $1.6 billion after no winner drawn Friday – abc7chicago 

The rise of this story’s popularity highlights the difference in mindset between the 1% and the 99%. No one successful even cares about this.

From my previous post on Wealth, no matter who wins, a person with a poor mindset is still poor, regardless of the cash. Research shows that lottery winners squander their cash and become miserable.

Wealth is all about value.

Successful entrepreneurs and businessmen don’t think about cash.They think of how they can bring a better service, a bigger impact, or a more innovative way to make a positive change for their customers. This is what it means to have a value and abundance attractive mindset.

Your current income number does not predict with your future potential to generate wealth.

Forge Your Abundant Reality

1. “Act as If”

In every action you take, act as if you are wealthy and abundant. If you live frugally and act frugally, the abundant mindset will never come. Of course it is important to budget and save money, but the poverty mindset is when frugality overtakes your tolerance to risk and generosity.

If there is no action, thoughts are just wishes. To create the wealth you desire, act as if you are wealthy and forge your abundant reality.

For example, in business, a frugal mindset will only attract frugal opportunities which alienates clients. Making frugal business deals, and pinching pennies with clients will push them out to more generous businesses . An abundant mentality will attract abundant opportunities.

Hack your psychology. Start thinking positively and towards future opportunities which may arise from present failures or stagnation. Cast away any thoughts of fear, envy, and negativity.

You can control your thoughts and emotions.

The abundant mentality shows charisma, outcome independence, and a generous personality. This attracts people and opportunities.

Living an abundant lifestyle forces you to seek the means to gather more wealth. In turn, creating more abundance. Simply, Abundance is a positive feedback: Abundance brings more abundance, while scarcity brings more scarcity.

2. Outcome Independence

With the abundance mentality, the fear of failure can never stop you. Fear of performing is a big reason why people live procrastinating and stagnating lives. This is what Napoleon Hill calls drifters.

Outcome independence means that in every action, whether it is selling, or delivering results, your actions stay truthful to yourself. Furthermore your actions are aligned to your intentions regardless of the perceived outcome. 

This shows congruence in character which is attractive, and displays authenticity.

Outcome Independence is attractive. It attracts people to follow you. It is one of the keys to success.

Make wealth and value become your identity, not something that you merely possess.

In Outcome Independence, failure means that more opportunities are always present. When wealth and value becomes your identity, no one can take it away from you. It can generate infinitely more, regardless of circumstances.

Your identity, relationships, and value generating skills gained by an abundant mindset can never be taken away.

3. Gather Resources and Use Leverage

An abundant mentality attracts like minded individuals, and leveraging them is key. Gathering resources for resource’s sake is useless.

The only reason to gather resources and abundance, is to leverage it to achieve your goals. Furthermore, whether you use your wealth for a business, family, or other endeavor, more and more is required to maintain it. Leverage is key.

Therefore, leverage resources to create even more resources, for abundance to become a reality. Leverage and the ability to scale is the key skill which differentiates the top 0.1% wealthy from the top 5%.

Leverage means that You Use:

  1. People: Learn from others, and use others strengths to complement your weaknesses.
  2. Resources: Make your Money work for you, Not you for your Money. Use other’s Money when possible (for ex. a Business loan).
  3. Circumstances: Create value by solving problems or taking advantage for others, and, around you.
  4. Time: Working even 0.01% more efficiently than the competition can garner 10x returns.


The LESSON: Make wealth and value become your identity.


Recommended Reading

After many setbacks in my career and life, I discovered Napoleon Hill’s writings which have helped my mindset tremendously. This book was the inspiration for this blog post.

Please check it out and comment below on your thoughts.

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